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The experience of astral projection is one of the most liberating and fascinating ones within the human experience. Knowing yourself as spirit, beyond the body, free from the confines of the flesh is a unique and wonderful adventure. Often people have these experiences spontaneously and want to be able to have them at will. Others wonder at the possibility and want to know if there is a way to experience it themselves. With the vast amount of often contradictory literature available on the subject, comparitively few people succeed at achieving it, and even fewer on a regular basis. This makes concise and relevent training a highly important factor to success.

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There is also a number of related issues that few people get into when they look into astral projection. For example, learning lucid dreaming - the ability to wake up inside your own dreams - is a very useful skill when it comes to learning to project. Not only can some lucid dreams be converted into projection experiences, but in many respects the same kind of training is involved. Similar techniques and the capacities they develop can be used to stabilize and prolong both experiences. A course that teaches you both of these skills is going to increase your chances of success many times over.

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I have read literally dozens of books on both lucid dreaming and astral projection, and learnt a great deal from them, picking up bits and pieces to the bigger picture here and there. But ultimately I decided I could do a far better job myself, ao I decided to create a course that would put everything together in a clear and concise way, so that anyone wanting to learn either or both of these skills would be able to jump ahead and learn in weeks or months what takes many people years - if they perservere that long. If you want to save yourself a lot of time and energy then this astral projection course is the one for you.

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